Paroles de Breathless

Jerry Lee Lewis

pochette album Breathless
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Date de parution : 01/01/1959

Durée : 0:02:44

Style : Rock

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Now, if you love me
Let's please don't tease
If i can hold you then
Let me squeeze
My heart goes 'round and 'round
My love comes tumblin' down

You leave me breathless
Oh, i shake all over and
You know why
I'm sure it's love and
That's no lie
'cause when you call my name
I burn like wood inflamed

You leave me breathless
Oh, baby! mm-mm. crazy
You're much too much
I can't love you enough
Now it's all right to hold me tight
But when you love me
Love me right

Now, come on, baby
Don't be shy
'cause love was meant for you and i
Wind, rain, sleet or snow
I will be wherever you go
You leave me breathless

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