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Beyond imagination, born of blood and fire
In splendid isolation i have lived corrupted and conspiring
All i wanted, all i was living for
An end to all the silent sweet revenge and nothing more

No longer god's apollo, no more mercury
Down among the unbelievers
Fuck the wild and wasted, look at me
Got pills to sleep, got pills to get awake
Eternally i ray no one my breath will take

The honesty is gone now
There is no other way in this state of mine
The resolutions halted
The innocence betrayed by your hand

All i can do is keep uncertain company
I get this murderous intention with a tendency to fly
How can i hold on?
If i'm not living who am i?

He knows that i'm about him
He feels me in his skin, i follow him in again
Confidence is shaken, his conscience is unclear
One of us promised more

I know you lie with me, breath taker to dream my dreams
You steal them for the maker of rain
Get out of my subterranean heart and i'm alive
Asylum is everything and it's mine

Are you made of stone?
And are you there at all or here in my head?
Anyone with half a brain would do the same
I know your name

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