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The Full Monty

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There's a breeze off the river
Through the crack in the window pane
There's my boy on the pillow
And i feel like i'm lost again

Everybody knows the secret
They all know what their life should be
And they move like a river
Everybody knows except for me

And i never feel like somebody, somebody
Calls a father, i can't explain
But when i look at you kid, it's like a mirror
It spins my head, it wakes me

Like the breeze off the river
Every time i see your face
And it's strange but familiar
Like a map of a better place

And sometimes i feel like i live in a shadow
And shadow's all i see, then you jump straight up
And you grab the moon and you make it shine on me
Where do you get it from?

Everybody knows the secret
Well, i don't and i never did
I don't know any secret
All i know is i love you, kid
All i know is i love you, kid
All i know

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