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Stand High Patrol

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Date de parution : 20/01/2012

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Reggae

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Wicked (x5)
It's a dubba dub style

From the western town, on the ganja
Come on now!
Dubba dub come from the, east area
Come on, now!
Imma pupajim (?) might go pon saint ya
Alright now!
Come to mash up the word, big* butt style ya
Come on, now!

(verse 1)
We full of lyrics
Full of riddims and full of gimmicks
I don't give a damn about critics
Load! automatic attack, with classics
We are what? the yacht*, we are mavericks
We come from brest, not from the arctics
Not form london, not form the sussex
Not from uk, not from the tropics!
But we have nuff the place* and many tactics
Nuff nuff riddims and nuff nuff lyrics
Back to the roots, back to basics
This is the brand new stereophonics!


(verse 2)
Definite listener, you will (?)
We are a dubba dub, fresh profiler*
Cuisine in a fridge, in-a cool (?)
We are a dubba dub, fresh profiler
(?) rooty, big j, mac giver
Cooking freshly, we are the cool mafia
Gimme fresh, gimme cold, gimme cool, and gimme freezy
The three musketeers, always cooking freshly!


(i'll come back to correct them later, but that's a first try)

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