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Rick Ross

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My attitude is fuck it, house biggest publics,
Shopping is a pleasure, pinky ring a nugget!
Niggas like to rise sip lean out the bucket,
I'll lean to the side, white whip michael douglas!
Hard times call for drastic measures,
I called my dog, he bought a mac-11...
Forty rounds holler'n where the yolla at?...
Nigga dead serious, choppa wit a shoulder strap...

Microphone, michael corleone, i know i'm wrong!
The man up above love for me to sing them palms,

So sing along, you know the song i sing,
Bring them things along,
I gotta feed the team.
Its rozay!
I need a hundred bottles, yellow bitches, all of em swallow,
H-town, nigga 305
I can move them packs, each & every night.

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