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Date de parution : 11/11/2012

Durée : 0:04:5

Style : Heavy Metal

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Travelling this strange and dark dimension
Awakened by the powers of the night
On insanity's path i saw redemption
Now i only see with the moon's eye
Brief is the flame
Burning bright for a moment
And then never to be seen again
All my life i lived in the night
I found comfort out there
All my life i lived in the night
I thought i had nothing to fear
As i gaze into the night
I see two figures sublime
As i gaze into the night
I die a second time
For a moment i stepped into the moonlight
At last... i behold my nemesis
The two cursed figures dissapearing once again
The shadowless vulture... the carcass of no hope
As i gaze into the night
Too late to realise
As i gaze into your eyes
All they told were lies
River cold, if i could be like you, flowing in the dark of the night
Black and lonely you are like my soul immortal
Without meaning, but in the great sea your journey ends
But even then you never die

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