Paroles de Brighidin ban mo store

Andy M. Stewart

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Date de parution : 20/06/2005

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Rock

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I am a wand'ring minstrel man,
And love my only theme,
I've stray'd beside the pleasant bann,
And eke the shannon's stream;
I've pip'd and play'd to wife and maid
By barrow, suir, and nore,
But never met a maiden yet
Like brighidin ban mo store.

My girl hath ringlets rich and rare,
By nature's fingers wove -
Loch-carra's swan is not so fair
As her breast of love;
And when she moves, in sunday sheen,
Beyond our cottage door,
I'd scorn the high-born saxon queen
For brighidin ban mo store.

It is not that thy smile is sweet,
And soft thy voice of song -
It is not that thou fleest to meet
My comings lone and long;
But that doth rest beneath thy breast,
A heart of purest core,
Whose pulse is known to me alone,
My brighidin ban mo store!

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