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Suburban Legends

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The time is right to begin
Lets get going once again
For once in your life just let go
I'm getting sick of everything
Scared of what the next day brings
What i need is for you to follow my lead
The sun is shinning bright outside
I think i'll go for a ride
I plan not to ever return
Lets run away from here for good
Forget this dusty neighborhood
The open road is calling and begging for us
Go roll down the window
Go crank up that radio
Lets drive until we hit the sky
It's not about where we will go
Lets start living life before we die
If you want you can stay
But you'll regret the day
That you didn't follow your dreams
Imagine the wind in your hair
Blowing away all of your cares
So take my hand lets plan never to look back.
True, it's all in my dreams
You are all in my dreams
What i need is a long holiday
What i need is to get away....
From here for good tonight
Lets fly away tonight
On this bright spring morning
Send our spirits soaring
Cause now is the time

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