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The roads move fast like blood strains,
And one-eyed strangers whisper your name.
Timelessness breaks between light puffs.
And before day fades, i'll hum "heather".
And if you go with me and never look back,
I'll take you to a place for chivalric jacks :
Where the eagle finds rest and windshield armor ;
Where you'll never need something like leather.
The road to nowhere is not enough,

And all the passes there converge in green cups :
Where the words are barely spoken,
And our footsteps are light as feathers.
Billionaire barons come here for the picking ;
I will hold my oral for the ringing;
You and i so dim between fires :
Love calling for danger - two wicked sisters.
If we end this journey safe and crafted,
You'll go to sleep for years well handed;
You are a long gone lover.

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