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Samantha Cole

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Come on, come on

Tell me what you want
What you want from me
Cause i come 100% guaranteed
When i can be the girl of your fantasies
Come on, come, come, come bring it to me
Your what i want
What i want and need
And do you really think you can please a girl like me
And if you know how to give a girl what she needs
Come on, come, come, come bring it to me

My friends all say
How's he's just so crazy
That way it came to be
Like it was meant to be
Cause you were just so unpredictable
And irresistible

And all i really know is baby
You came on me like an 8 day week
And what i'm saying is
If it's really meant to be


So let's just say
That it's not that easy
Cause i won't settle for
I'm always wanting more
I'd love to know
Just how far this will go





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