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Date de parution : 11/07/2006

Durée : 0:04:53

Style : Alternative

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I'd like to introduce myself, i'm nicholas foster
I'm not the best looking guy you'll find
But i enjoy camel reds and a good piece of bocelli
And when i've had a few too many, i do things i regret
So i walked over to the bar to meet my friend

Yup, that's mikey, pint in hand, looking for any mischief he can find

And i knew i shouldn't, but temptation got the best of me
Why do i do all these things to hurt you?

It's a lie, nonsense, he's full of shit
Mother fucker would be lucky if he could find his dick
I was gonna let it slide, turn the other cheek
But i overheard the bastard as he started to speak

She was foster's once, but now she's mine
And that poor old fuck, he doesn't even have a clue>
I'm going to kill him
Followed the fuck, as he went to take a piss
Crept into the alley, fingers turned to fists
Stayed silent, put my hands around his neck

Looked into his face and sunk the glass into his breast
A surge of blood, a moment passed, i couldn't think, i couldn't move
With every second waiting there was something they could prove
Smiled, felt relief as his breath became shy
His body lay limp, i had taken his life
No, no, no

So i woke up like it was any other sunday
Had a cup of black coffee, read the paper, and had one of my favorite fags
Felt right as rain until the phone rang

Who's this?

Oh, officer sloan

I was, uh

No i wasn't there actually..

Um, ray wells ray wells, doesn't ring any bells
The 31st, i was out of town, yeah, that's right
On business in fact, ya see i was with my bird, we're in love

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