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Mary-kate And Ashley Olsen

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One day i was shopping in my local grocery store i grabbed a big bar of chocolate as i was headed for the door i tossed the chocolate in my cart beside a stalk of broccoli they started talking talking? yes at first i didn't believe this is the story of
Brocolli and chocolate it made the people talk alot about brocolli and chocolate a very happy pair

He said you make me feel yummy she said mmmm you make me melt the first time a veggie and a candy bar could tell eachother how they felt she said being with you is delectable he said being with you is a treat he was bright bright green with envy because she was so sweet its all about

As i was walking home that day the sun was so hot on my grocery bag the chocolate melted the brocolli wilted when their voices stopped i felt sad but when i got home what did i have broccochocoli now i like broccochocoli alot mom it really hits the spot that brocolli and chocolot a very happy pair and thats the story of
Ashley: man this song make me hungry
Mary kate: oh me too must be time for my favorite treat
Ashley: what be that
Mary kate: oh you know what that is
Aashley: chocco broccoli?
Mary kate: brocco chocolli mmmmm
Broccoli and chocolate a very happy pair

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