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Too $hort

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Date de parution : 04/12/2007

Durée : 0:02:46

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Whassup baby?
Damn like that? can't even speak?
I ain't tryin to fuck, just tryin to holla, say whassup
Let me ask you somethin, baby
Is that a wig or a weave?

What you see is what you get
If you don't like it, fuck you, bitch
You look good, you hot as shit
But you broke as hell and ain't got no whip

I ain't yo' type, i don't care
Get a light skinned nigga with long hair
I spoke, you act like you mad at a dude
I don't give a fuck 'bout your bad attitude

It's in me, i'm laced with game
You get a signed autograph with a face to blame
Tear it up later when you hate my guts
Right now, i wanna make you taste my nuts

You hella fine, but i don't wanna keep in touch
All i wanted was to sleep with a slut
I wanna fuck you, bitch, cause you got the look
A top notch, but you ain't too hot to be shook

Broke bitch
You can't fuck with me, you can't afford me
Broke bitch
You can't even afford a happy meal from mcdonald's

Broke bitch
Five dollars worth of gas, where you goin 'cross the street?
Broke bitch
You just wanna marry a million dollar ballplayer
Broke bitch

You wanna get you a nigga in the nfl
A basketball player, tall as hell
You might get lucky, marry the champ
But when you walk by they say there's a tramp

The stock is low, you don't know what happened
Yo' baby daddy is low budget rappin
You wanna do it big, spoil the kid
But you're still at the club out hoein a shit

You tryin to hit a lick, no doubt
You want diamonds, all you get is dick in your mouth
Bitch, you need to stop and think
You act like a dick is a slot machine

Are you serious? you can't be thinkin clear
It's quicksand, bitch, you'll sink in here
You wanna be rich, you better stop that shit
You never hit the jackpot

Broke bitch
Yeah, we tryin to get top notchers, nobody want your busted ass
Broke bitch
Quit buyin all them knockoff purses and clothes, bitch

Broke bitch
Always starin at the ground, you need to hold your head up
Broke bitch
If you had some money you wouldn't be wearin them raggedy ass shoes
Broke bitch

There's too many women, can't stop a player
I see one i like, i'ma stop and stare
I don't need plans, i'ma take the chance
I don't even have to ask the bitch to dance

I'm a natural, i don't need luck to win
I'm the kind of nigga that'll fuck your friend
And you won't know nothin
Every time i see her on the low we fuckin

I know them buttons and i hit em
Most of the time i get 'em
I got a million lines and i spit 'em
When i wanna fuck, who do i like to call
I throw a little party and invite 'em all

They never argue and fight with a brother
And i like when they like each other
I told polow i'm never getting married
I don't give a fuck if you was fuckin sherri

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