Paroles de Broke the chains

Elisha St. James

pochette album Broke the chains
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Date de parution : 07/07/2014

Durée : 0:04:

Style : Pop

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I was gonna give up and throw in towel
My back was up against the wall
With too many trials and too much pain
I could not find shelter from the rain

With tears down in my eyes, all the sleepless nights
When will the fighting ever end for me
But in the nick of time my darkness turns to light
And i have a brand new song yeah

Its my testimony and my declaration
He came and broke the chains
I am victorious and a conqueror
He came and broke the chains


To the sorrow no more
To the sadness no more
To the shame no more
He came and broke the chains
To all the bondage no more
And addictions no more
To all the pain no more
He came and broke the chains

Every chain is broken by the power of your name

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