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One Minute Millionaires

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Date de parution : 01/07/2011

Durée : 0:05:14

Style : Rock

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A tattered veil shadows her face, concealing her emerald eyes
As the sound of her voice pulls away, to an all familiar reprise

With my resolve in the fray, to a long day without me
Where she beckons and breathes, i break and i bleed to resounding defeat

And always just out of reach
As i struggle and strain for the words
That should be easy to speak
But i can't stop breathing her name

Chastened and chided i sail, as i'm caught in the narrows
Well her siren song pulls me away, to the rocks and the shallows

But you won't hear me deride
Or speak until spoken
Before i lived complete
But i think that i'd rather be

Broken bones from sticks and stones, words just finish me off
Sleep in my arms where i'm calm as the morning, and god i know that i'm lost

Shade from her bullets brought rain
The tracks are so hard from the train
That drowned out my only reply
Until that all the comes out is her name

Well the silence it deafens and stands, as i'm locked in my memory's dream
Where the prison doors groan as they slam, and i know that i always will be
Her lighthouse in her desert, candle next to the sun
I'm a roadside cross in the darkness, and a firework next to her gu

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