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Tommy Collins

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Date de parution : 17/01/2013

Durée : 0:03:59

Style : Country

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They were standing by a window
As the night winds kissed her cheek
And he'd waited long in silence
Waited long for her to speak

Till at last she murmured sadly
As she raised her tearful life
With a look so full of anguish
That had filled him with surprise

I have promised you my darling
So that i may tell you all
Hear those vows by angels
Drifted are forever past recall

For they say you love another
That you never did love me
If those cruel words are true
Dear, i'll forever set you free

Yes, it's true he answered hostly
Through by yonder stars above
To deceive i nearly tended
When i told you of my love

Fare thee well, he added gently
As he sees her outstretched hands
Covered in with burning kissed
Whispering god will understand

God in mercy sent an angel
To relive her from all care
For he knew the way what sorrow was
Far more than she could bear

She was taken home to heaven
To the mansions of the bless
Where the sad heart knows no aching
And the weary are at rest

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