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Broken heart
1. a broken heart who can bear
A shattered dream who can give
A wounded soul who can heal o o o
When tears are cried every night
And the sky above is not so bright
Nothing seems to work out right o o o o
The pain inside, the tears you cry
They seem to be all you can feel

Ch. come on unto him all ye that labour
And are heavy laden at heart
Come on unto him, if you really want to heal
Come on unto him if you need mending of the wounds inside your soul
Oh he hears the cry of a broken heart

2. when hopes and dreams we hold so high
Get crushed before our very eyes
Love so deep and pure we know is no more
Where to go when all is lost
Who can take away this hurt
You font have to go that far o o o o
There is one who cares, a god so near
Just a call brings all his love

Repeat ch

He says im with you always
You can cast your cares on me
Nothing can separate you from my love

Modulate and repeat ch once

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