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K Young

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Only brokenhearted, lifes not over
I can start again
While im lonely, brokenhearted
Its a hurting, thing to get over

Im young but im wise enough to know
That you dont fall in love overnight
Thats why i thought if i took my time
That everything in love would be right
Oh, oh

But as soon as i closed my eyes
I was saying to love "good-bye"


But i guess im only... brokenhearted
Lifes not over i can start again
While im lonely brokenhearted
Its a hurting thing to get over

No more empty conversations
Next time i will be totally sure, oh
Dont want the pain of falling in and out of love
Its more than my poor heart should endure

So ill listen to all advice
And remember each time i cry


Da, da, da, da, da-ha whoa.



Think about you all the time

Bridge 2:

Never thought id be alone again
Thats why i asked you to be my best friend
You know youre always on my mind
Think about you all the time

You know what im saying?

Oh baby

Bridge 2

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