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Sean Redman

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Broken life
By sean redman

-in my broken lifee,
All my loves have tossed me to the side,
They ran around -*carry note*
Just to run my heart into the ground,
Now i've found - *carry note*
That dark path that's onto me somehow,
If i'm bound - *carry note*
Ill continue my way to my hell..
Till a sound - *carry note*
Breaks quite silence all around,
Beats so loud- *carry note*
My heart speaks with every pound.
Now your broke more than broken,
Yes your heart is only halfway spoken
Don't you get to hope'n at your phone
Knoww, you'll only be forgotten at the tone,
Fuck you, that anger cant be shown!
Please pack your bags and get on home,
You got what was wanted all along,
My aching heart sings my broken song,
All about the things you've done me wrong.
-in your broken lifee,
I gave it all to be thee only guy,
How could you - *carry note*
Substitute me for thee other guy,
Lost all the fights - *carry note*
Due to the thoughts of a greener side,
You cant see why- *carry note*
I'm soo turned off by all the lies
Your friends can keep those alibi's
-in that broken lifee,
I've had the thought of suicide,
Too end a lifee,*carry note*
When love wasn't goin right,
Kill the sight -*carry note*
Of me never feeling fine,
It's all alright -*carry note*
Within sad short lonely times,
Ill get my ending right.