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Angela Brown

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Broken love

I believe in miracles
I believe in dreams
I believe i have a voice to be heard
I believe i can fly
I believe
I believe

I believe in celestial stars
Dancing in heaven above
I believe in rain falling from the sky
Is a sign of love, a sign of love?
I believe


I believe in family
Present the times in need
I believe friends who support me
I believe in you and me


I believe in the lord
Is there when i call
Delivering me with just cause
To surrender love
And when i'm in doubt
I feel the pain, is a special healing
A prayer of hope that delivers
I pray and he answers my calls
He is a caring god
Never in doubt, am i not alone


Not knowing what is promised tomorrow
I believe in miracles of life
He promised me he would deliver
And it's enough for me
To believe...

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