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The Roches

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Date de parution : 01/01/1971

Durée : 0:04:45

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Did you know me, long ago?
Were we close before the sorrow?

If you thought of leaving any traces
I'll be sifting through the broken places

Did i know you once upon a time
You dreamed of me and now i'm?

Searching for myself in strangers' faces
Stumbling onto further broken places

She turns purple, am i blue?
Can't she fathom, what i do?

Trying to get in her better graces
Touching her in all the broken places

I get crazy not sure why
Solace beckons until i

Go tearing off again on wild chases
Crashing into same old broken places

I am young so who's to say
But for now i have no way

Of knowing how much healing time erases
Certain of these secret broken places

Can't there be a little breather?
Our love is a real seether

To sore hearts we plead our hapless cases
Rendezvousing at the broken places

I love you for all of this
Struggling towards happiness

When the chips are down we play our aces
Hiding them in our broken places

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