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Inside My Fault

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Do you know when breathing was hard
Fell like choked but still in survival
Healed only by the sensation that i will never retry
Hunted by the foolish ones
Hopeless eyes who confused the prey with their nightmare
Crave for power, you invade my hands

You believe people who deceive you
Now you will lose the faith
From now until the end of all days
Ill make sure of your abjuration
Chaining your bias at the stake
Sorting thoughts like grazing sheep

Because we dont forget centuries of no respect

Strike up!!!

Times of no respect that i want beat
You consume my soul close down in my shell
Dime does not deserve for your crap
And you became what you hated most
Crime for yourself feed this plague
Of 10.000 traps contracting your guts
Fake sick thief you will see
How we cares of your will
Throw your will
Throw your will

Trust your false belief, we don't care
Just staring at you (x2)

Invisible anger growing inside is making me quite cranky
You cannot stop this chain reaction, sooner or later ill explode

Imagination figment
Shield of leaves limp
Will not help you
To hide brutal reality

As an eagle looking far, as a soldier to the charge
Training has major to enforce your shield
But now your will has dried up

Clashing is hard when your broken shell

Trust your false belief, we don't care
Just staring at you (x3)