Paroles de Broken stars

Jt Burchett

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Verse 1:

She's been through heartbreak hell
More times than she can tell anyone
She goes through all her days
Pretending like everything's okay
Puts on a show so no one will know
Every night before she goes to bed
She looks up into the sky and then


She makes a wish on a broken star
For someone to come and be her light through all this darkness
She says a pray that she can find
A beginning on this road of life
Why do other guys have to lead her on
I want her to know i'd be the north star to lead her home
From another try

Verse 2:

She's just your average girl
Living in a mixed up world
Everyday seems the same
You know she tries so hard
But doesn't seem to get to far
In her mind nothings alright
For every problem she ever has
She does the only thing she thinks she can



And yeah she looks up with the moonlight shining upon her pretty blond hair
No wish can ever be made for what's already there


She's every wish i've ever made
Every time i've stopped to thank god for everyday all the answers to my prayers
The air i breath the words i speak my every stare
I wander if she even see's
She's where i wanna be

(g em am c) - until fade out