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Tim Curry

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Well, a sister used to hide it,
So i never thought she'd find it,
(so) she threw you over for posing in a spangled wrapper.
She won't let you stroke your hair
(or) if you move her like you dare
She just played you up before you realized it happened.

She can really do the brontosaurus
And she can scream a heebie-jeebie chorus
Until you know what she's really got
'cause she can do it loud

(repeat chorus)

Do it! do it! do it!

Well her daddy's gettin' old
And he seemed to lose control
When the brontosaurus stalked into the house to trap her.
Well a sister used to hide it
So i never thought she'd find it
'till she blew you up, exploding like a fire cracker.


Gimme a b (b!)
Gimme a r (r!)
Gimme an o (o!)
Gimme a ntosaurus!
Uh...hang on a minute!
Gimme a b (b!)
Gimme a r (r!)
Gimme a ontosaurus
You gotta be jokin' mate
Uh oh, b, uh oh, r
I got your (?)
We have ways of making you talk
(giggle, giggle), help me (giggle)
Help me, help me, help me, help me!

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