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Ariana Burnley

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Brother i know your mean to me but i am done telling on you i promis i will stop for now because i am soon ganna be in 3 grade i know your 12 im 8 its so hard to be nice for once to me and you.i'm sorry if i dont you know me i know you i will try to stop and you will try to stop to i like you i know your my brother i try you try i like you as a brother i promis i will be nice to you till im so mad at are nice stuff you help me clean my room you tould me 2x2=4 you helped me with so much stuff but sometime i dont like it what you do and your in 5 grade soon you will be in middle school then we can never fight no more.i willl mis the great times we had toghether i will mis the fun we had you will change i will also change.