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Date de parution : 10/02/2009

Durée : 0:06:23

Style : Rock

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I was a traveller and travelled alone
On my way toward nothing
I had my dreams and my hopes and my fears
I kept looking for what was missing

I was a seeker in search of what
I searched the highest mountains
I searched on the bottom of the sea
Only to find the secret inside of me

As above so below
From dark into the light i needed to go

I knocked on the door and i started to pray
I opened my eyes
And the dark, the dark went away
In the chain that encircles the earth

As above so below
From dark into the light i needed to go

Pierce your heart to find the key
What can't be seen, try to see
With you take, what no one else would take
Lose, that the lost you may receive
Die, for no other way you can live
When earth and heaven lay down their veil
And that apocalypse turns you pale
When your seeing blinds you
To what your fellow mortals see
When their sight to you is sightless
Their living, death
Their light, most lightless
Seek no more
Seek no more
Seek no more

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