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Date de parution : 13/07/2010

Durée : 0:06:51

Style : Heavy Metal

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The kashmir sky, the biggest face in snow
Sixteen thousand feet, reaching from top to toe
A sight of blinding splendor when destiny calls

Straight on the path to fame
The king has broken a bond
The summit calls their names

Before the voice trailed away in silence
Before he was swept away
(brother, death and loneliness)

He's crawling, he's falling
He is desperately unclear
He's tracing, effacing
The memory of diamir

The western wall, a fateful call
No answer, no warning
Just fear for a brother on diamir

A gleam of hope, racked with pain
The way to cope when brothers remain
Woebegone, the pangs of remorse

On and on to follow the force
The summit alone, the ghost of a chance
The venture so unknown, a fading romance

In the presence of danger, the tag-end of will
The claws of a stranger can stroke or can kill
Enshring the memory, surmounting the fear
It's an icebound tragedy, the fate of diamir

The veil of oblivion of blood, tears and sweat
Out of a clear sky as his sun is set
Pay the last honors, thoughts range the past
Hold on in remembrance, memories that last

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