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Thats just the way i was brought up,
Feel like a major leaguer did the day they was called up.
Back then to make it, i had to crawl up
True hustlas getting money thats balled up
So while i straighten bapes out,
Fools see us be like dudes is caked out!
To all the hood legends that took the same route,
I put it all in perspective before i came out.

Verse 1:
We bang hard like beats with a thick lead,
Swing thru lookin brand new in that 6-speed
Im like a furnace when i work, i only spit heat.
Commercialize the flow they love when i spit street.
Weak mcs, we layin em 6 feet,
The game so close jack nic wanna switch me seats.
Ghead n find a rapper hot as tha native be,
Short dawg, ive had bars since little league.
I play the block like a light pole,
Wrist rocked up look like diamonds and light bulbs.
Fashion and bright lobes, chains around my neck they even at night glow.
My set keep us hype fo, yall can chase those hood ratsme i pull the right hoe
Plus i rap with a nice flow, champagne bottles from buckets we pop em ice cold.

Hook to verse 2.

Verse 2:
Im from the era whereyoull get sweated for the colors you got on
Cant wear what you wanna wear.
Round here, aint never fairfrom the left side of the map
Yet the flows felt everywhere.
Comin up i was taught by the best,
Put me on the right pathyou know, the road to success.
Uh, thats just the way i was brought up,
Graduated to heatsused to just spray a wall up.
I spit hooksnbars in different combinations
Thats why youll hear my name come up in certain conversations.
I proceed to get doughnooo complications,
Otherwise expect some confrontation.
Im from a block you would fight for,
Make it out, still not forget what its like poor.
Before i had my foot in the right door,
Been on another level now my feet on the right floor.

Hook to bridge

Its just how it is where my crew be at,
Say something slick and theyll trip like a booby trap.
You get rolled like a doobie wrap,
Ak louie strap..feed you a scooby snack.
Thats how it is where i came from,
Same place i got my name fromi told yall
Ill never switch, been the same since day one.
Forget about them games homie, we dont play none.

Hook to fade

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