Paroles de Brownie hawkeye

Jason Collett

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Date de parution : 24/10/2012

Durée : 0:03:53

Style : Alternative

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You took your brownie hawkeye
And pointed it up at the sky
You just let the shutter fly

All of your friends still wonder why
You were never good with a goodbye
You just turned your back and let it slide

I try to remember the words i once heard
You spoke them with courage

You'll never deserve all of
That they let you carry
Few were the first, for sure
You were the first to be married

Stars went wheeling across the sky
Silhouetted the tops of the bending pines
Summer was high, we were storming inside

The morning glories bloomed by moonlight
You get that picture in your mind
'cause of all the smoke in our eyes

I took a piss on the wall, out back of a mall
You drank the last of the sherry
Green grass stains on your bare feet
On the dash of your mother's chevy

I guess it is hard to quit
Which you won't admit to beginning

We went from shoulder to shoulder
Well never grow up, we just got older

I chewed a hole right through my heart
From the very start
Anticipating the myth of you

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