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Danny Brown

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(feat. dopehead)
That's my crew
But don't forget the brew
Mgds and colt 45
But don't forget the molson ice
(verse 1: danny brown)
I'm about to drink a heineken
I'm about to drink a heineken
Met a white bitch with a china friend
She gone slurp me and she gone slurp my friends
Bruiser! that's my crew
Bruiser! but don't forget the brew
Mgd's and colt 45
But don't forget the miller high life
We about to drink some pbr's
No bottles at the club my nigga we at the bar
Uk niggas in pubs watching soccer games
Nigga we just get drunk bump waka flocka flame
Yo bitch! she wanna fuck me
Yo bitch! she wanna suck me
What the fuck u think she post to do?
But if she fuck me she gotta fuck the crew
(ad libs: dopehead)
Bruiser brigade bitch!
If you ain't pullin a nigga dick out and slapping yourself with it
Throwing this bitch in your mouth sucking dick with bubbles
Fucking all night and drinking protein shakes in the morning
(verse 2: danny brown)
I don't give a fuck bout none of these ho ass niggas
I don't give a fuck bout none of these hoes ass niggas
I'm drunk as fuck might fire on one of these niggas
We drunk as fuck we bout jump this nigga
Bruiser! that's my crew
Bruiser! but don't forget the brew
Drinking everything up on the shelf
Now we earling in the bathroom i need some help
But that's the life of bruiser nigga
Don't make me have to shoot a nigga
Bitch, it's bruiser brigade
Bitch, it's bruiser brigade
(verse 3: dopehead)
I need some brain i think i lost mine
I'm higher than swizz beatz hairline
You always cake up then bake up say what?
You rappers cuff and you fake as lace fronts
Dopehead hustle harder, niggas can't knock it
Super skinnies, loosies breaking in my back pocket
I slam a rapper head first like the undertaker
Head butt your whole skull in, nigga fuck a hater
You soft as elvin of the cosby's
My niggas down to do a homi
Bruiser brigade and don't forget the brew
Styling on rappers since northwestern high school
Calling me ahead of my time is an insult
I don't need a pencil this shit is all mental
You rappers are whack, mad as hell and you bored as fuck
I hit the stage grab the mic and do my jordan shrug

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