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Action Bronson

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Date de parution : 14/03/2011

Durée : 0:02:3

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Know you broke my heart *woman*,
When you said goodbye to me

You said goodbye to me, bitch,
You better break north,
Before you sick south,
And i'll be sitting in that big house...

(verse 1)
Just let me sharpen my knives,
Throw on an apron, jeans ..on knees on two skins probably ..
I'm break the model more ... no more chance play kid you're with the big boys
.. f*ck in economy size we want that ..
My fanily say that i only focus on .. and suit cases that i probably jury
Grand to curry never try to jury , p*ssy like in 86 ..
You know .. you ain't never.. like .. in the sky thunder .. this rap shit .. killer.

Know you broke my heart to .. when you said goodbye to me
You said goodbye to me b*tch you'd better break off .. and i'll be sitting in that .. house
The second .. deadly from the first from the birth i'll be the .. plan season the earth
..civilization..i'm walking .. i'm seeking my vindication
My back i'll keep the fifth grade to switch play ..
First day class to .. black and white .. the pipe
While now my servant use more like abuser ...on the berry .while smoking to my eyes ..
My team we're working as a unit nobody .. prayin to wishing no vision
No time to hit the ..just to taste of the life like september ..
Listen i'm still ..heavy metal .. craze the sun .. on a fake line take a sit on the ..

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