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Date de parution : 10/10/2000

Durée : 0:04:37

Style : Heavy Metal

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Genus specialized
Could the unthinkable be alive
Double helix split into two
My soulless metamorphosis has begun
Intake liquefied
Solids have no home to putrefy
Gravity lost its hold on me

Now my heart palpates inside
All my organs discarded
Found a better place to hide
Inside compound eyes now gestated

Human molecule
Decimation spearheaded by the proboscis
My soul is alive
Broken down reformed gregor samsa
Reflex intensified
I was once a man but the dream has died
Gravity lost it's hold on me

As the wings push through my sides
All my organs interred
All my skin now falls aside
Seen from compound eyes now pupated

Silence all human composition
Strength immeasurable by design
Erupting on a molecular scale

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