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Tires screech outside. dude 2 stands up. there's a small crash outside


       voice: freeze!


The boy and dude 2 look at each other
Fam kicks open the door. he starts firing. dude 2 falls. a mist of red puff spurts from his chest. he's screaming
Fam turns to the boy and starts yelling something, but he can't hear him. the boy's mind struggles to catch up to everything that just happened

       fam: mane get your ass up we gotta move!

The boy slowly looks up from the now dead dude 2 and stares into fam's eyes

       the boy: no

Fam opens his mouth to talk some sense into him, but the boy's blank stare says everything. fam smh, then walks over to where the trash bag of weed still sits. he grabs it and steps over the doorframe on the floor. tires screech as he pulls away

Slowly fade to black

Cut to:
The boy is sitting cross-legged on the ground in the foyer. staring at the buddha statue

Cut to:
Ext. bus stop — night
The boy walks onto an empty bus and pays the fare. as the bus pulls away, a billboard becomes visible behind where it was once parked: "roscoe's wetsuit"

Int. bus — night
The boy is sitting alone in the back seat of the bus. he reaches into the pocket of his shearling jacket and pulls out a sealed envelope. some kind of address had been sloppily scrawled upon the front, but the ink had since smeared and was now illegible
The boy rips open the envelope and stares at the letter inside

Cut to:
Up close view of the letter. jagged letters and unfinished sentences are all that is visible from this viewpoint. one word, however, in the middle of the screen reads clearly...


Fade to black

       the clicking of a gun loading...

       ...a single gunshot can't live your life on a bus

Cut to:
Slowly zoom in on buddha statue in mansion foyer as burly men carry away furniture in the background

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