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Verse 1
Buachaill n eirne m 's bhragfainn fin cailn deas g,

Ni iarrfainn b spr lithe t m fin saibhir go leor,

's liom corcaigh 'a mhad , dh thaobh a ghleanna 's tr eoghain,

's mura n-athra me basa 's m an t-oidhr' ar chontae mhaigeo.

Verse 2
Rachaidh m amrach a dhanamh leanna fn choill,

Gan coite 's gan bd, gan grinnn briche ar bith liom,

Ach duillir na gcraobh mar ide leapa os mo chionn,

R 'sheacht mh'anam dag th 's t ag fachaint orm anall

Verse 3
Buachailleacht b, mo leo, nr chleacht m ariamh,

Ach ag imirt 's ag 'l le hgmhn deasa f shliabh,

M chaill m mo str n d' gur chaill m mo chiall,

A's n m liom do phg n 'n bhrg at ar caitheamh le bliain.

Verse 4
A chuisle 's a str n ps an seanduine liath,

Ach ps a' fear g, mo leo, mura maire s ach bliain,

N beidh t go fill gan n mac os do chionn,

A shilfeadh aon deoir trthnna n ar maidin go trom.

Verse 1
I am a boy from the erne and i'd coax a nice young girl,

I wouldn't ask for a dowry with her, i'm rich enough myself,

I own cork, big as it is, both sides of the glen and tyrone,

And if i don't change my ways i'll be the heir for county mayo.

Verse 2
I will go out tomorrow to make ale in the wood,

Without a coracle or boat, without even a pinch of malt with me,

With only the leaves of the branches as bed-cover over me

Oh! and you, my delight, looking over at me.

Verse 3
Cow herding, alas, i did not never practice,

But playing and drinking with young women on the mountainside,

If i lost my wealth and i don't think i lost my sense,

And your kiss is no more to me than a shoe worn for a year.

My love and treasure, don't marry the old grey man,

But marry a young man, alas, even though he lives but a year,

Or you'll still be without a daughter or son above you,

Who'd be crying in the afternoon or in the morning in sorrow.

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