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The Corrs

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Buachaill n irne m is bhragfainn fin cailn deas g.
N iarrfainn b spr li, t m fin saibhir go leor
Is liom corcaigh d mhid , dh thaobh an ghleanna, is tr eoghain,
Is mura n-athra' m basa, is m an t-oidhre ar chontae mhuigheo.

Buachailleacht b, mo leo, nr chleacht mise riamh
Ach ag imirt is ag l le hgmhn deasa f shliabh.
M chaill m mo str n mide gur chaill m mo chiall
Is n m liom do phg n an bhrg at ar caitheamh le bliain.

Rachaidh m amrach a dhanamh leanna fn choill,
Gan coite gan bd gan grinn brach' ar bith liom,
Ach duilliir na gcraobh mar ide leaba os mo cheann
Is r, a sheacht m'anam dag th, is t ag fachaint orm anall.


I am a boy from ireland and could charm a nice young girl,
I would not ask for her wealth as i'm rich enough myself,
I own a good part of cork, two sides of the glen in tyrone
And if i don't change my ways i'll be the heir for county mayo.

I will go tomorrow to make ale in the wood
Without a cot, without a boat, without a pinch of gruel with me
But leaves of the branches as bedclothes over my head
And think well done for you as you watch me from over there

A cowherd, my pet, i've never been accustomed to be
Instead of playing and drinking with the nice young women on the mountain side
If i lost my riches i probably didn't lose my senses
And your kiss is no more to me now than a shoe worn fo a year

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