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Regardless Devon Victory

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My teeth getting buck - my teeth be getting buck getting buck ( my mouth be getting buck)
Verse 1:
Bitch i'm talking that shit - be getting buck - in this bitch hotter than fire - docket - but bitch ass niggas - won't get the profit - locket - and then stop it - the jock-in - my mouth be getting buck - my teeth be getting buck - niggas wouldnt give a fuck - thats a fucking lie - you gone fucking try - your grill looked fucked up - while my teeth be getting bucked- niggas aint shit - with they fake ass mouths - getting buck on some bull shit - i won't lose - bitch - i'm one of the hottest writers i swear to god bitch -

Verse 2:
They in the water in the room - in the bed with your muthafcuking friend - you saying shit - we flipping concepts - already - you in the chevy - but your ass not right to be the buck - but im ready - but your teeth aint getting buck- it's ok because im harder than you - and i wouldnt i give no fuck - dust niggas and bitches off - your teeth aint dancing around in your mouth when you saying hot shit - for the block bitch - quit being scared get a glock bitch
Verse 3:
In the parlor - in the middle- on your self - and by your self- and you just being that way for your self- and im really that real buck - thats gone get you fucked up - and then you waiting bitch - my teeth be getting buck - you in the other folks- you just not maxing me- aint no three six - you got those blind pick's - but we got 380's and playing with your souls and you rolling whole - and the way you get it - and your premonitions.
Verse 4:
In the reality - of the fallacy - you just mad at your self - and you waiting for the dark - rip yo bitch ass soul apart - and then you in the angels - in your property - in the reality - that you missed and the out come - in the mood of the jeopardize -in the reality - you lying - you trying to meet me - people how i look with all my teeth in my mouth - one of you bitch ass niggas teeth gone end up getting knocked out your mouth. my teeth getting buck - nigga what now.

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