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Date de parution : 12/04/2012

Durée : 0:04:55

Style : Blues

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1. come up north actin crazy every day,
Cause down south they wouldnt let me act that way,
And im mad at every person,that ever looked
Crosseyed at me;

2. came up here to find myself a better life,
But depeoples always make me pull my knife,
You know they always aggravate me,
And make me evil as can be;

Followin rules aint my style,
I was born to be buckwild;

3. they complain that i fuss and like to fight,
And my neighbors tired of police every night,
And it makes no difference to me,
How i shame my family,

4. even though i always lose and never win,
But im alright long as i got my drink of gin.
Getting fired from my employment,
Actin ingnorant as can be;

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5. if i was able to turn back the hands of time,
I would listen more and change my frame of mind,
Now im sittin in the jailhouse,
Preacher please come pra.y for me;.

6. if i had a chance to take back what ive done
I would realize im not the only one
That was raising so much hell and thought that i was havin fun.

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