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The Presidents Of The Usa

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Well, i happened to find me a buggy
Comin' out from under a rock in the grass
He got his bug luggage
No time to talk he's walkin' fast

He's headed for a log where the lady bugs are plentiful
He showed me brochures and i must say it was beautiful
I'm belly sown and bendin' back the blades
Bug stopped just long enough for him to say

I'm on my way to bug city

I'm on my way to bug city

If you want to dance with a buggy put all six feet on the ground
A bug will pick up your luggage and drive you straight into town
When you're safe from the spray and the kitty and the chase
If bugs could make it there they could make it anyplace
Between the sun goin' down and the sun comin' up
Bug city's rockin' yea that feather pluckin' log is lit up

I'm on my way to bug city
And they're going to bug city for the night

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