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Date de parution : 24/06/1997

Durée : 0:02:16

Style : Alternative

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I like my lego's and my lincoln logs my action figures and my comic =
Books i build a fort and then go and read them in the summer time today =
I think i'll make a cool character she'll wear a big coat with electric =
Fur she'll have the power she'll make you cower when i roll the dice =
Don't seem like long ago i hung out with g.i. joe and won my little wars =
In my back yard now all that name means to me is a sober cup of reality =
That wakes me up and drags me through another day scratchin' a name in a =
Heart in a tree then telling my friends that she's with me i got your =
Letter this is forever or until fourth grade i ask my mom if i can go =
Out and play she says my room's a mess and i gotta stay young man you're =
Grounded i'm so astounded what you put me through god i love this =
Feeling six years of meaning and the thoughts they come and go can't =
Have this way of living nothin' to believe in not anymore
Submitted by: mel

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