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(intro- bugsi and smac)
Yawh... uh huh.. it's your boy bugzilla, the microphone killer.. got my nigga smac right here with me.. you dig? yo, smac what up? hey man, what's happenin'? and we got a-a-a quick freestyle hooked up for y'all, you know, just-just jobless niggas in the studio and shii... yo, smac, come in, nigga! go get 'em! let's go, yo

Okay, let's try a lil' sum'n sum'n,
Skyscrapers and highways, they began from nothing,
Uh, blood starts pumpin to my throat and my mouth starts runnin,
Adrenaline just keeps on flowing like when gas starts pumping,
Jumpin' from verse to verse like i'm scripture readin',
And i imagine when i'm gone how you'll all be greivin',
Heathen! thats what they called me when i started teethin,
So now my teeth are ripping verses till they started bleedin'
*cough* i think i'm fallin sick,
Prick, i'm a viral, i'm the illest,
It goes spiral coz i'm turning heads, spreadin' like i'm making beds,
Meds? i don't need 'em coz i can't be fixed,
My mouth keeps runnin like tap water in your silver sink, enough of me tell me you im just curious see, serious me, seriously i dont even blink, truth is..... truth is... truth is...

(interlude- smac and bugsi)
Fuck, i'm out mehn... i'm out.. shit... yo, bug.. aite, smac, cover me mayne, i'm going in...

Yo, chill take a second, check it, im back and my records
Are packin the stack in a second, man, im miraculous,
Antagonistic rapper, the baggers back, im enacting. its
Back to back im attacking these whack-ass rappers and activists..
Bugzilla! say my name, say my name
Look, i maim any man tryin to came in my lane
I'll show you how it is with me and the rap game-
You rappers are stewie griffins- call me seth macfarlane!
Ill explain what im sayin just by raising my arm,
Rap is my p.s.p., yeah the game is in my palms,
I hold this shit, rock and roll this shit,
Im not an asshole, no, but i control this shit!
Fastest killer in the game, name? sojiro seta,
Makoto shishio, mayne, i'm burning up the haters,
Look, i'm ventilating, operating, it means
I own the rap windows- i dont pay gate bills!!, nigga..

(outro- bugsi)
L.. dude.. dude.. the beat. the beat has finished man

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