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Tribe Eleven

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I've been thinking and i think it's outrageous
State of mind's sinking and i think it's contagious
Poor boy's overcoat's taking on water
Hook, line, decline
My god i
Step out of my body and
Watch the world go by...bye
Spinning toward the future with no relevant alibi
Avoid detection
Void detection
Seaside hideaway, keeping my eyes on
Smoke rings rising on the horizon
Defending the democracy like lemmings to the landslide
Have you got the dollar votes to decide?
Heartbreak broken, i'm breaking out right away
My penny don't buy any so i spend it on another day
I'm selling does anybody wanna, anybody wanna, anybody want some?

Somebody save me from this
Somebody's slave
Somebody save me from this

One hundred million bodies are running on empty
Running—run awry—in the river of plenty
Young boy blues
Who said he's got a hole to mend?
Head, heart, his soul, his girlfriend
Everybody's worried 'bout gettin' their fill
You can buy it in a bottle, you can swallow in a pill
And if you contemplate the chasm that's as deep as niagara
If it leaves you flaccid there's viagra
Somebody save me from this
Somebody's slave
Somebody save me from this
Good god does anybody wonder?
Heaping up the bodies in the meat grinder
Licking their chops it's all a reminder
Round we go the sound of your lobotomy
I won't let you muck inside of me

Oh yeah yeah?
We are dedicated
Oh yeah yeah? we are watching you

Please, oh please
Render my thoughts
It weighs
And it's hurting my head

Please, oh please
Deliver my soul
Songs of light
To carry my flight

Round and around and around, the treads they go
I'm an angel don't clip my wings
Bulldozer is heaping up the bodies

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