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Four kicks down and now im pissed
I drop bombs from the sky, can you handle this
Well you really cant knock it cause your powerless to stop it
So you might as well just give it up and rock with it
Well i found johnny d at the blue-line station
To me he uttered this information
Theres a zead in my head, and a zain in my brain
And theres a wedule on the schedule for the motherfuckin train
Dont give me that look, dont dive me that pout
Still tyrin to figure out what the shoutins all about
Cause when you get this response its automatic
As i put my noise inside your attic, cmon

Bullettime bombs, yeah

I said to my brother from another mother get yourself another lover
Cause that motherfucker is a temptress
Shes una chica bonita, shes a sexy seniorita,
But the girl is just so motherfuckin clueless

Bullettime bombs, yeah

While keeping time i drop a line, it rolls right off the tongue
I only say what i should
In bullet time i drop a line, it rolls right off the tongue and
I only bring whats still good

Bullettime bombs

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