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(another bloodbath in the spot and draws the daily press...)

Tribal war, panic on their faces
Guns ring out, bullets leave their traces
The crowd in shock, what happened here
A bloodshed caused by a young sick killer
Carnivore - slaughter as a kind of game

There panic in the streets tonight
And terror rules
There panic in the streets tonight
While (the) death incarnate roams
There pamic in the streets tonight
The killer from the graveyard high
There panic in the streets tonight
And terror terror terror rules

Leaden air, real guns are the right kick
Massacre - this time without joystick
The blood, the shock - just temporary signs
And soon forgotten till the next freak strikes
Streets of gore - corpses are a wonted sight

The kids, the guns, the shocking truth:
This town no longer bullet-proof
Final score - coppers 0, killers 8
And nobody safe from murder...

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