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Dave Dudley

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This ol' rig that i'm drivin' ain't the sharpest on the road
These ol' bulls that i'm haulin' ain't perfumed
But if it wasn't for a lot of those truck drivers just like me
Then who would bring those t-bone steaks to you
We're the bullshippers big bullshippers a haulin' them ol' bulls across the land
We're the bullshippers big bullshippers bullshippin' truck drivin' men

This ain't the best job in this world that i know
And some people may look down their nose at me
But i'd rather be a struggling with these ol' rowdy bulls then a haulin' a load of tnt
We're the bullshippers...

There's a lotta pretty wairesses that i always see every time i'm making my run
Well i tell 'em that i love 'em but they just laugh and say
You big bullshippin' son of a gun
We're the bullshippers...
Yeah we're the bullshippers...

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