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Busta Rhymes

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Now everytime i give yall shit that, blow up the spot
Fuck what you got
And bless and execute strategical plots
Thats to extinction level event these wack niggaz offa this block
Me and the alkaholiks havin a drink
Watchin yall niggaz get sick, holdin ya stomachs til you earl in the sink
The type of dude i never put in my clicks
Because you funny and you be sittin down with your legs crossed like a bitch
I be the fouled mouth quick to toast yall, so alled
Niggaz who like to boast we let your bodies float along the coast yall
This very given moment
Niggaz like you aint allowed up in our circle cuz we dont condom it
We love to microphone it
What we gon do instead is give yall gutter beats and raw sewage raps
And for the last thing that imma make clear
That when we present, watch your step when you be comin round here

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