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Bone Thugs N Harmony

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Layzie bone
Bone bone bone bone bone bone bone
Bone bone bone bone bone bone bone

Swizz beatz
In the trunk trunk trunk
In the trunk trunk trunk
In the trunk trunk trunk
In the trunk trunk trunk
(bone thugs, bone thugs, swizz beats)
In the trunk trunk trunk

-chorus- x2
You feelin that rap that'll rump then bump in your trunk
You feelin that rap that'll rump then bump in your trunk
You feelin that rap that'll rump then bump in your trunk
(in your trunk)
In your trunk
(in your trunk)
In your trunk trunk

Layzie bone-
Nigga feel that beat in your chest when you leanin n swirvin,
Bass in your back you feel it you heard it,
Hand on the wheel no need to be nervous,
Ride wit a g everything will be perfect,
Put it down put it all on the surface,
Thuggin if you ride it'll all be worth it,
Til the wheels fall off,
Nigga thats the purpose,
Nothin but the best cuz we deserve it,
They know when i'm comin,
Cuz niggas can hear me before they can see me,
And they can't believe it cuz im bumpin easy e,
And they just seen me on tv,
Navigatin through the streets dog,
Keep it real the beat that ain't no secret,
Jump outta the g car,
Run up and the liquors gon' hit the freezer,
Grab a old gold like my 4-0,
My flow so cold i gotta have some,
Turn the music back up to the maximum,
Niggas hatin on us better laugh at em,
I got a 9mm that'll get me to the trunk,
If i make it to the trunk ima pop that trunk,
Ya'll ready know comin outta the trunk is an ak,
Who wanna get get hit? what.


Krayzie bone
We back with a vengeance cuz rap ???
With out us lets be honest this industry's now overcrowded wit garbage
Niggas get tied up,
Go back to pack a ??? and sign up,
If niggas is lookin for hits,
Hit swizz up nigga he comin to find us,
And we aint hard to find,
Been right here all the time,
That bling catch all ya blind,
These niggas ain't raw as i,
So dont make me kill ya,
Dont try to battle me cuz aint none of you niggas skilled enough,
I'm sick of these niggas they killin,
Cuz really they wanna be thugs,
Everybody wanna roll like us smoke blunts,
As we pump off in ya trunk,
Dem niggas get hypnotized,
??? they feel the vibe,
They never been on a realer ride,
Just roll it up,
Lets turn it up


Wish bone
Still lookin so close in the rush,
Turn it up let it bump,
Now nigga lets roll,
Gotta fill up,
When ya drank up,
Anything that'll bang on tha roller,
Gotta chose what i listen to,
Cuz it ain't that much that i'm feelin, oh
Everybody talkin violins take they life live,
They've been through,
I love that gangsta music bump nothin but thugsta music,
Except when i lay down, that slow down, that lovin music,
Ain't no pretender get in ya,
Thugs run the fluid,
The truest
We still in it, love how we do it,
We do it thugsta thugsta,
Outta line cross mine yes thugs will really rush ya,
Bang ya frames wit fangs,
Never run away any game here stay n we love to play,
Bone got that feel good poppin endless in the real rap


Bone thugs, bone thugs, swizz beats, swizz beats....

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