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Solace And Stable

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The uncertainties of death are a distraction
Creating complications of the fate we will truly meet
The truth buried by time
Hidden beneath the sands of pride

Creation is the breathe from the sigh of a lonely god
Life is the test of love
In which one lets go
In hopes it will come back
Will we ever find our way
Back to the one who let us go,
To the one who loved us so,
For the sake of coming home,
Would give his life, his love, his

His everything for a race of rejection
Self focused and furthering
Spawn of the almighty
And we try so hard
To put ourselves back together
When we crumble from the weathering

His love the greatest wonder
How we could be of worth
After constant separation
Created by our selfish works
We are loved, we are of worth
Beyond a measure we can't grasp
A capacity beyond our own
To keep giving with no return

We are the sons and daughters
Of the author of existence
The richest blood of all the earth
We are royal

We spend so much of our lives
Searching for answers beyond
Our mental capacity
We look
At the stars, at the sky, and deny, there's a god,
How do we, justify, there's no greater being?

We fail to look past, the visual transparence,
The meaning behind faith, belief in what you can't see

The feeling that i get matched from no other sources renders my faith possible
The heart's motives trigger the presence or absence of almighty god my heart longs to fulfill thy satisfaction.

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