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They're bureaucrazy
Dumb bitch at 16
Nows she's having a baby
Guess she's been listening to too much slim shady
You know!
Trapped a bitch ass nigga for his bureau
Now the uk wants to join the euro
Aint got a clue though
Time will catch up with them so many souls gone
Paid me 66 billion just for making a song
And naomi got 6 for taking off her thongs

Ive seen them die for the bureau
Cry for the bureau
Never ever seen anyone say bye to the bureau
I aint no different than the rest
But when they test i put a bullet in their chest
And watch the money pour out all over the floor
Couldn't get wendy till i made a million;fuckin whore
When i fucked her she put needles in the condoms
Shit got real complicated like a countdown cunnundrom
Brothers kill sisters
And sisters kill misters
I wanna pop a hole in this chain like was popping sexual blisters
Share the billions give bounty to the poor
I thank god for not making the earth sore
Please keep the rain pouring
When goldberg steps into the ring ill guess he'll start goring
Bureaucrazy or bureaucracy
Same indifferation
When everyone's equal i'll guess we'll start raving!!!


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