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Just a taster, feel the bass uh
Smack ya face up, need a brace huh
Crack awaits ya, white replacing
You masturbating to male caucasians
Fail like jay sean, looking asian
Slant your eyes at complications
I'm glancing by the competition
Who's mission be anything but winning
We tom cruising to the finish
Watch you losing, while we grinning
Sloppy seconds, like your women
Loose and breastless, keep them hidden
Breathless in prison, pray for forgiveness
Mercy forbidden, how we do business
Don't live this, but paint the picture
We ain't with ya, cos you a bitch yeah
Just flick a switch to get you flipped
Bitches slave you getting whipped
Dip out when you half way stripped
You nip down town to have gay shit
Ray-bans on so they don't recognise
Eyes disguised won't erase the lies
Chasing pies, you acting a clown
Wait till you die, left underground
Cake for the occasion, death celebrating
Post mortem party, get celeb ratings
For your hating, it's the last straw
No horse meat but we eat you raw
Display your flaws, we'd need a book
Tastes disgusting, burger uncooked
Lurker unknown is coming soon
We don't miss shit camera is on zoom

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