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The Dirty Heads

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Date de parution : 08/07/2014

Durée : 0:02:56

Style : Alternative

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Thought i'd found a home close to yours
On the outside of the fence
Oh, how i'd love to mark the grave
Insert our names on a stone


It feels so far so far away
I'm calling every day, do you hear me
Where you going, i wanna know
Plunge the spade deep in the soil
So you'll be near me
Oh, i'd love to mark the grave
Insert the name it once told


As i grind up these remnants
Breathe it in blow it out to the emptiness
I act on love but sometimes my love is the deadliest
I feel the mood change when the high hits and these lights dim
These people are strange
I'm a stranger storm riding
She loves the shade
Below these leaves her body lays
Beneath this tree i placed a grave
Replaced her moon with roots and rain
And now she's mine
Forever more
She sleeps beneath my garden
And when flowers grow from bloody soil
It makes them ultraviolet, my love


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